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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  March 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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good evening. >> could this turn up the tension between police and the people of oakland? two oakland police officers will not be prosecuted for the fatal shooting of a 37-year-old unarmed man last fall. the d.a.'s office releasing a report declaring the office her sufficient reason to pursue and open fire because they believed they were in imminent danger. tracy grant joins us from oakland. this is often a messy and sensitive outcome. protests and more distrust of police. could we see any of this with this case? >> it is possible. when this shooting took place, tlp some protests that took place right near where it all happened. and this, it all took place just maybe a couple of months after the verdict from the johanns mehserle trial. opd is not saying anything about this case.
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there is still an internal investigation underway. the d.a. isn't saying anything saying this 12-page report speaks for itself. does it speak the truth? some people don't think so. >> my brother is dead. i mean, you know, these people are walking free? >> tonya said her brother's death was a tragedy but she wanted to it mean something. she said she wanted it to open a darr for people of color to finally believe if their loved one was killed by law enforcement officers, those officers would be punished. she said that's not what happened here. they decide that had the officers will not be prosecuted for shooting and killing jones on november 8th, 2010. will. >> as family members, we have to have some type of hope and hold out some type of hope so that we can retain our sanity, you know. and now, you know, my parents, they're grieving all over again.
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>> reporter: police stay woman flagged them down where jones worked to report that jones who she claimed to be dating, had harmed her. broke her windshield and her phone. the officers say he began sprinting when they asked if who he is. they said they saw him put his hands in his pocket as well as his waist band several time during the foot chase which led them to believe he had a gun. they heard something metal drop to the ground which turned out to be a scale commonly used to weigh marijuana. eventually once he was cornered by cops, the officer said he put his hands in his waist band once again them feared for their safety and opened fire, killing jones. attorney john burris said the entire story is preposterous. >> it doesn't offer confidence in the african-american community that when police officers shoot and kill african-americans, that anything will be done about it. >> well, john burris has been a lawyer for many years and he
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said in the entire time he has been in the legal world, there has only been one case he's seen where an officer was prosecuted in an officer-involved shooting and that was the shooting of oscar grant. the jones family told us today that they're still hoping that more witnesses will come forward and that possibly the d.a. will take another look at this case. nbc bay area news. and developing now at 6:00, we have some video from our chopper of a scene playing out in aquatic park in san francisco. the medical examiner's office is on the crime scene right there. investigating how a body ended up on the rocks. we're not told at this point if the body is that of a man or a woman or if there is any identification at this point. the first call came into the san francisco fire department just before 5:00. we are working to get more information and we'll bring it to you as soon as we know more. there is more trouble for
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the sfpd following claim police misconduct. prosecutors have three cases. surveillance showed them conducting what may be illegal searches. the officers are accused of falsifying police reports. the fbi is now helping the department and the district attorney with that investigation. the d.a. is suggesting other cases may be in jeopardy. the video is graphic and disturbing but it could be the key to solve this crime. it reveals a mystery suspect in a triple homicide and a san jose nightclub. we've got the video from san jose police. garvin thomas now joining us from the newsroom. you took a look at these tapes. it is a quiet neighborhood with a serious crime. >> that's right. another reminder for our viewers, there is a graphic reminder. if there are little one in the room, maybe they want to be watching someone else and you might want to keep the bar
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invasion we're talking about, january 8th left three people dead and one hurdle. here's the bar security video we're talking about. it showed the interior of the mexicali nightclub on oakland road. three men burst in to snatch the owner. police are focusing on this man wearing a bullet-proof vest, trying to drag t own at gunpoint into an suv. the gun owner who was targeted over a drug debt is able to get free. but is gunned down by a mystery man in the parking lot. the owner survived, the suspect escaped and remains on the loose. as for the other two attackers not shown in that security video, a bar patron shot both men during the kidnapping attempt, killing one there before being shot and killed himself. the other talker was found dead in the black ford explorer outside the club the very next day. >> thank you. you're not taking our money. that's what south bay
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redevelopment agencies are telling the governor tonight. governor brown wants to use money allocated for redevelopment projects to help solve the state's budget mess. while the money does have to come from somewhere, cities across the state are putting up road blocks. damien looks at the fiscal chess match being played between sacramento and bay area cities. >> reporter: mission city is on a mission. keep its money away from the golden bear. >> i'm thinking that maybe we should maybe try to keep thing just here in the stiff santa clara. >> reporter: that's what santa clara is trying to do. keep it from sack sxak on track for the stadium for the 49ers. but not all agree. you would rather the governor have those funds? >> well, do you see what the state is in? a real situation. if we can use that money for something better than a ball statement, use it.
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>> reporter: the state plans to raid redevelopment funds across california and close local agencies so santa clara will vote tie move any redevelopment funds and assets to the stadium authority. the winds of change are also blowing in san jose. that redevelopment agency today plans to also beat the state to the funds. >> removing assets into the authority so we can complete the project around the b.a.r.t. station, high speed rail station, a potential baseball area. >> reporter: a virtual chess match between sacramento and local governments. with all the maneuvering, san jose's mayor says there won't be any redevelopment money left for the state to raid. >> to give you an idea of what kind of money is at stake, last year the state took $62 million of the redevelopment funds from san jose. the mayor says they plan to take another $13 million by may of this year. it is not back to the drawing board just yet for the governor.
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but coming up at 6:15, our political analyst joins us with a look at what republicans are asking for to get those tax extensions that jerry brown wants, through. you might have noticed the electronic billboards along the state. a statewide amber alert is on for a baby boy and his mother both kidnapped. police say 8-month-old sebastian and his mother were both taken from their central valley home by the boy's father. 23-year-old pedro mosqueda climbed in the window of the porterville home around 2:00 this morning and took their son. the mother was an dwhuktd she ran after them. he was last seen driving a red 1991 honda swifk this license plate. 5 voy 539. police say john johnson had
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long term relationships with two kids starting when they were as young as 8 years old. the women are now 18 and 22. currently, johnson is a substitute custodian at everest academy. police are investigating if there are more victims. we have an update now on a story we first told you about last week. tomorrow, san jose city staff will work to come up with a marijuana ordinance that will weed out all but about 10% of the dispensaries currently operating in the city. chris sanchez joins us live from san jose with what else can be the deciding factor in this. wouldn't we all like to know that? there are a lot of questions and a lot of big lack of answers as far as what will be included on that application to be among those last dispensaries standing once they clamp down the number from about 100 to about 10. that makes it very hard for the dispensaries trying to run their businesses on the up and up.
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>> i don't want this to feel like a drug deal. >> reporter: he said his medical marijuana dispensary one of the few that's doing things right. >> a good half shouldn't even be in this city. a good half are not responsible operators. >> reporter: we found one dispensary craw the street and two doors down from a childcare center and there are more than 100 others operating in the city. while they are trying to tow the line, the line is not complete. his dispensary is far from 600 feet from a school park or anywhere children gather and he is setting aside a 7% business tax. still, he fears that in the application, the city may not ask the right questions to get the right answers. >> we've got them to scrap doing a lottery system. now there will be an application process. i fear that the application process that they may be trying to implement will not be
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suitable for the best practiced clubs. >> reporter: last month these owners and operators showed up to get information about the pot tax. each hoping to be among ten to get the blessing. >> they all assume they will be the one. when in reality if do you this type of cap of ten, you won't. >> reporter: this councilman tried to cap the number of dispensaries about a year and a half ago. even he doesn't know what the final ordinance will look like. >> is it your location? your security? is it where your medical cannabis is coming from? i guarantee you, there's a plethora of different options it could be. that i think will be the challenge once you've let the jeanie out of the bottle. >> reporter: now the city staff will try to come one that application process. what the questions will be on that application and a final number for that cap which is right now about ten. now as they do that, they will have their fingers cross that had they will get some guidance
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from the new district attorney in santa clara county, the attorney general for california, cam la harris, of course, and a lot of them are hoping for guide yangs from the state so they don't have to go it a alone. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. coming up at 6:00, two silicon valley heavyweights fighting it out. plus, the man who busted a.c.o.r.n. a look at this. what do you think it is? we're talking about thousands and thousands of fish rotting in a california harbor. why biologists think they just died overnight. how about this? seven marathons and seven summits on seven continents. how a santa clara man is challenging all o s a set a big personal goal. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. temperatures cooling off after some sun and a very nice day
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outside. a little fog off the coastline. it will stay cool in the south bay. we are tracking, yes, some weather that you r wea syours hortin.e to wear your shorts in.
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governor jerry brown may be saying to himself, try again. they decided they could not support putting his proposal to extend current taxes on the june ballot. for more, let's bring in our political analyst. the governor's self-imposed deadline is supposed to be this thursday. clearly he won't make it. >> no, no, not this time even though he went on the line to get it done. we have a problem here. republicans certainly think the governor got a problem. they oppose raising or in this
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case, continuing taxes for another five years or so even if they're temporary. and the problem is that there are five republicans who might have been negotiating with the governor. why is that important? because he has to have at least two republicans from each house. if he doesn't have two republicans to get that two-thirds majority, he's toast. he's been wooing them and it hasn't worked out. they are demanding an awful lot. >> initially it seemed like he was courting them. there would be a deal in that but it didn't come through. they want something in exchange, clearly. >> they want everything except his dog. >> not the corgi. >> the home wreckers. they want to role back pension benefits. that's a big one. they're talking about a state spending cap, fewer regulations for businesses. overhauling the tax code, outsourcing state work because they say that it can be done a lot less expensively. all these things. and frankly they say we don't
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think you, the governor, have moved enough on any of these issues. >> is this a real, they really don't think he has moved on this? is this their way of pressuring him to give more? does he push back his deadline? clearly he has to push back the deadline. is there room for negotiation? >> brown is in a pickle. the republicans are, too. by the way. brown says i'm doing the best i can. i want to give you what you want. you have to have faith in me. that sounds good on paper. what kind of faith, the republicans say. brown has to be careful. he has to be very careful giving in to republicans. the mother gives into republicans, guess what, he risks losing the democrats who he held on to for all those votes. he is walking this very, very tight line. now he is like in a dare versus double dare. only, only with a timer. >> so exactly. the timer. if the deadline is thursday, he's said he has to push that
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back. a what point is it make it or break it? >> we have perhaps two weeks. brown hoped to have it done by thursday to get it on the ballot by june 7. that's 90 days from the day you get it done. you can stretch it another couple weeks. get to programs june 21st. you have to have this all in place by the end of the fiscal year. otherwise you're not talking about continuing temporary taxes. you're talking about raising them and nobody wants that word. >> are we saying you think that june special election is toast at this point? >> certainly june 7th appears to be toast. june 21st right now is in the toaster. we'll have to see whether they can pop that puppy up and make sure it gets out. if they dope, there will be finger pointing like you have never imagined before in california. and we're all going to see hoyt comes down in a matter of days. >> we'll have to keep our eyes on that toaster. >> jessica and larry, thank you. a radio executive caught on
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tape. what exactly did he say? seriously racist. those are the words uttered by an npr executive describing the tea party. now there are words to pull taxpayer dollars from this organization. ronald shiller was reported saying, supporters of the tea party are racist, racist people. that the republican party has been hijacked by the tea party. schiller has since announced he is leaving national public radio. the video set up was the brain child of conservative james o'keefe who has become famous for his hidden camera videos targeting government groups like a.c.o.r.n. some are calling for it to be stripped as a result of this video. some notable tech headlines. the latest buzz surrounding apple stores and a bay area battle. netflix against facebook.
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>> the shares fell after days after facebook announced it would start offering movie for rent, starting with the batman thriller, the dark knight. it is a very small scale experiment but enough to smook some netflix investors. ebay says sales of used ipads have outpayed all previous tech gadgets. this is good news for apple. you have to figure those people selling ipads want to buy a new updated ipad 2. and those buying the old, inexpensive ones are likely people who wouldn't have bought one otherwise. and slash gear is reporting that apple stores may stop selling box software and other peripherals like speaker docks and ipad cases, cleaning the place up to make more room for its own apple products. nbc bay area news. boaters in southern california are looking for some way to get rid of what could be
6:21 pm
millions of dead and now rotting fish surrounding their vessels. those are fish, believe it or not. tons of dead sardines floating in the harbor in redondo beach. biologists think the fish may have suffocated after they were herded into the harbor by high winds and used up all the oxygen in the water. >> what appears to happen, the ocean was stirred up enough last night where they got confused. they came around the break water. swam down the break water to get away from the wind and to get away from the waves. >> they say the fish may have gotten lost. if they had turned right at the breakwater instead of left, it probably wouldn't have happened. the major task is the korean-up getting rid of tons of fish that will create a toxic situation if they hadn't taken out. >> an amazing sight in southern california. let's bring in jeff ranieri. what do we have in store? >> i think some of the best weather in the next seven days,
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you guys. just wait. in about 18 hours from now, those temperatures are going to be spiking up here in the bay area. about 20 degrees above what we had on monday. right now, 56 in san francisco. we did have some breaks of sunshine in the city by the bay. winds west at 13. right now looking from the east bay from oakland into the city, you can see the haze and the low clouds developing. we are expecting more fog tonight. 64 in santa rosa and 64 in napa. we'll go even warmer as we head throughout tomorrow. we're still tracking a few pesky shower off the coastline. that won't mean anything for us tonight. these temperatures continue to drop, we are seeing low areas of fog develop in the north bay and for our coastal sections. some of that fog could produce a little drizzle if we're traveling from the golden gate bridge. tomorrow you may need the
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windshield wipers. meanwhile, the storm track will take a brief jump to the nor. it will feel mild here as we head throughout wednesday. we'll start with a lot of mid to upper 40s. then by 11:00 a.m., low to mid 60s in the east and the sow bay. a quick jump in the temperatures. travel delays, severe weather in the southeast. some tornado watch boxes up for louisiana and parts of the southeast. we'll hear from nbc's report here is at mardi gras. next, a dictator reaches a new twitter milestone. even though he can't handle that. plus, nbc bay area is inside the uniqueinuildg gthbinld that isomecon b ting ofe he hottest tours in town. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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would you believe fidel castro is on twitter? he set up an account and now has close to 2,000 posts. castro uses the pular net working website to share his musings on world affairs andmost recently, the uprising in libya. castro famous for his incredibly long speeches, does not send out the tweets personally. there's the catch there. instead members of the cuban debate staff select passages from his writings. a scene out of chaos. fighting between libya rebels and forces close to gadhafi growing more intense by the day. a city is encircled by gadhafi tanks. shelling has resumed. air strikes increasing. according to the latest reports, the hospitals are at capacity. and rebels are coming out on loud speakers asking people to leave their homes and join the cause. take a look at the woman nearest to you and wish her happy international woman's day. the 100th anniversary of the event was celebrated in san francisco this morning. among those who came to speak
6:27 pm
was oakland mayor jean quan, the first female in oakland's history. the international woman's day is a day to honor women and put a spotlight on the challenges they continue to face. just ahead, new census numbers to give out how many people are in the bay area here. the growing number might surprise you. >> and how many people have left might surprise you, too. plus a woman attacked in a peninsula home over the weekend. why even police are calling it a strange case. and a chance to learn about the world ends in tragedy. the questions after police find the body of a california college student missing in spain. and check this out. 130-pound man exercising? wearing 80-pounds iwhat ts heininr?rar. what is he tr.inrag foin [ female announcer ] the counter. in most homes, it gets all the action. bring it. getting it clean again is easy with bounty.
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a sexual assault has an entire south bay neighborhood on alert tonight. here's more on the search for a masked attacker in sunnyvale. >> reporter: she plans to check the doors and windows. she is on alert after a neighbor was attacked. >> i've lived here my whole life. it very scary to know things like this are happening here, especially in this area. >> reporter: the attack happened at 5:40 a.m. in an apartment here on noranda drive a few blocks away from homestead high. a masked man entered through an unlocked window of a downstairs unit and sexually assaulted a woman in her 30s who was staying with a friend. >> it is fairly unusual that this would occur in sunnyvale. we haven't had a sexual assault of this nature where they come into an occupied dwelling in many years. >> reporter: the victim was
6:31 pm
asleep in her bedroom a few feet from the living room where the attack happened. she told police she didn't hear anything. police canvassed twice but so far no one has reported seeing the suspect. officers believe this is an isolated attack. >> we don't feel this is linked to any other crime and our detectives are working with allied agencies around to see if it matches any have their sexual assault that's have occurred. right now we don't have any indication that it is linked to anything else. >> reporter: even so, she says she plans to remain vigilant. >> i come home very late from work. and it is scary to know that something can happen to me. >> reporter: in sunnyvale, nbc bay area news. the campus of san diego state university is in mourning after a student there who wept missing in spain was found dead. the body of 22-year-old austin bice was found after police drained part of a river in madrid less than a mile from the nightclub where he was last seen. bice was an exchange student at madrid's carlos iii university.
6:32 pm
his roommate said he was refused entrance to a club because the doorman thought he had too much to drink. he said he was going home but never showed up. >> i'm always going to remember his smile. he is so loving. and i think i'm always, something to remember his smile, his laugh. and his hugs, his bear hugs. >> a police spokesman said there was no siphon violence on his body. friends and family are planning a memorial service in san diego. we have new information on how many people live here in the bay area. and it tells us that we're actually just growing at a snail's pace. the new census shows the bay area added some 367,000 people in the last decade. that means we grew by about 5.4% since the last census which was in the year 2000. it turns out that is the slowest growth since the 1930s. a huge change from the booming 1990s when the region grew by more than 12%.
6:33 pm
signs of the foreclosure kris resist impossible to miss as well. here's a look. in santa clara county, the number vacant houses jumped by 105% in the past decade. in alameda county, there are now 122% more empty homes than 2000. contra costa saw 138%. speaking of change they are demanding change. people in the southern california town of bell are going to the ballot box after corruption made their small town famous for all the wrong reasons. 17 replacement candidates are on the ballot to replace five city councilmembers. eight current or former city officials in that town are facing charges for stealing public funds. many were making at least $100,000 in that tiny town where a majority of the citizens are living in poverty. a new council will have their work cut out for them to regain public trust.
6:34 pm
a sobering warning from chuck reid on the heeflz significant concessions made by san jose firefighters. the mayor says there may still be layoffs. even if the other ten unions follow the firefighters and agree a 10% reduction in pay. the mayor said if that happens, the city would pay roughly $138,000 a year. new at 6:00, the south bay attraction getting a helping hand from the city of san jose. camera 12 movie theater in downtown will not have to pay rent to the city for the next five years. that's thanks to a vote that just came down from the city tonight. the move will save the theater more than $800,000. time to get in shape now. a santa clara man is trying to become the first person in the world to run marathons and climb the highest summits on each of the seven continents. >> it sounds exhausting listening to that. chris sanchez shows us why he
6:35 pm
hopes to inspire all of us if your goals aren't quite as extravagant as his. >> reptegar: ainst awesome back drops, mitchell lewis is trying to accomplish something as awe-inspiring. >> my goal is to run marathons on all seven continents and climb the seven highest summits on each of those continents. >> reporter: he ran the seven marathons. here he is summiting north america's mount mckinley. >> i woke up one day late in life. like many oen us, looked in the mirror and didn't like what i saw. i signed up for a marathon. that's how it started. >> reporter: now he straps a 60-pound backpack on his 130 pound frame. in three weeks he will leave for asia's mount everest loaded with gear and toys, books and clotheo
6:36 pm
he is collecting for the foundation serves the people of nepal. >> i wanted to do something big while i was around. and i think what we all want something big, whatever that is. i discovered this as a way to both channy energy and hopefully provide inspiration for others who want to find their own everest. >> reporter: lewis ran his own marathon at 45. at 53 he will be the youngest person. he mopes will inspire people to take on the challenge. >> talk about breeg hood of the rope. sometime you might save somebody's life. sometimes they'll save yours. i see that a lot in business. we are all tied together. we're roped up. we need to look out for each other and help make that success more of a possibility. >> reporter: after mount everest, he will hit mount vin sent and then his sneakers again. >> when do you a marathon and you cross the finish line, you're done. you hold your hand up and somebody gives you a towel and you have some water. when you g t top of the
6:37 pm
mountain, you have to come back down again. >> reporter: he can do it and he says by reminder, so can we. >> we have to get some of those heavy boots. >> he has great energy. he is fired up. coming up at 6:00, you won't find this on most bay area tourist maps but the tickets are selling fast. we'll take out a tour of one of the hottest places in san francisco. a building full of history. yes, a little scandal, too. they're already calling it one of the biggest fat tuesday celebrations ever and it is still fat tuesday. bob is joining us live from new orleans with t festivities. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we had sunny skies and the temperatures warmed up. we're seeing some fog. we're talking about temperatures increasing even more torrow throughout the east s by 11:00 . 60s by 11:00 a.m. ♪ have a good daisy
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there are countless sights to see but one new site makes for dumt entertainment. >> we see why it is becoming the hottest ticket in town. >> reporter: it is hard to miss the southwest corner of san francisco's mission and 14th streets. looming over the block is the massive century old national guard armory modeled after a moorish castle. after closing in the 1970s, its history took a strange turn four years ago when it was bought by the adult film company. >> right down here is the model green room. >> reporter: the founder is happy to show off his building. all 200,000 square feet. >> this is the brig where the military would put their prisoners. this is what we call the speak easy. this is their building has
6:41 pm
become a life's work at this point. i've put my entire life into it the last four years or so. >> reporter: at first he would lead the occasional tour for curious neighbors and friends and show them where the old mission creek cut through the basement or the giant jill court which once hosted prize fights. >> two big guns in the room and they would shoot heavy artillery. >> reporter: he would lead them through active adult film sets. >> this is when we call the chain room. we had a stream of people coming through asking what's in the building. we thought we would open the door and have tours. >> reporter: the tours got so company, the company is now selling tickets. so far thousands are ponying up. >> it would be wonderful to be the next alcatraz. we've had a certain amount of resist answer the. people are not ready to put us in the tour guys. >> reporter: appropriately people on the tours must be at least 18 and not offended by adult its. >> a very unique place to tour
6:42 pm
because of the content. what's going on. the mixture of the historical and the sexual. >> reporter: the tours also visit less glamorous sights like the company's workshop or the kitchen. >> for now we're using it to make our coffee and tea. i'm sure some people are offended by the erotic nature of what we're doing in the building. we're putting all the money we're making back into the building and we're restoring it. >> reporter: he figures as the keeper of an historic building, it is his duty to let the public inside even though it might be quite an eyeful. nbc bay area news. starting tomorrow the company will launch its new tours seven days a week if you're interested. >> can you handle that tour? >> i'm not going there. >> let me out of the armory. a rare occurrence for the giants. they've been pounding the ball this spring. some days you hit the wall and that's about the only thing you hit. the warriors in cleveland
6:43 pm
tonight reacquainting themselves with one of those key members. we want to show you the hockey fight that just wouldn't end. all that's coming up. so back to bob in the big easy. robert? >> reporter: good evening to you, raj. it is fat tuesday. i'm live above bourbon street for the last hoorah. that's coming up. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we want to see the pictures. 70s in new orleans. reother update coming up and an rturn hhttoige berhe titizor return right here to the bay area.
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6:45 pm
well, it is fat tuesday. celebrations well underway tonight in new orleans. >> we sent our resident mardi gras expert. we look at one of the biggest parties of the year. we've known him more than ten years now. when did you become the expert? >> and have you gotten spanked lately? >> to be honest, our bosses did ask for volunteers in the newsroom. there were no takers so i took a hit for the team so that you guys could stay back home and i can come suffer out here. i'm telling you. the thousands of people out here on bourbon street. this fat tuesday night better live it up. the time is running out. it is quarter to 9:00 local
6:46 pm
time. at midnight, that's when mardi gras officially ends. that's when the city will shut down bourbon street. they won't let the party die out at the wee hours. at midnight they shut down bourbon street is that ask people to leave. tomorrow is ash wednesday. the beginning of the lenten holiday. officials are expecting this to be a much larger celebration. in part because the weather has been very comfortable out here temperaturewise. and also, this is one of the later mardi gras that they've had. the timing worked out that it coincides with spring break. so you've got a lot of college kids who might have gone to panama city or other locations. what they're thinking is they might have had a crowd that would be last year's crowd. last year the saints won the super bowl. they had over a million people here because of that. they're thinking they might top that. so a nice feather in the cap for
6:47 pm
the big easy. >> make sure you behave yourself. and if not, go to church tomorrow. ash wednesday is right after fat tuesday. >> you did very well but not all the details. we'll see you when you get back home. let's turn things over to jeff. >> our camera is a little bit foggy out here like some people might be tomorrow in new orleans. always a great time there. take a look outside. san mateo, we're seeing the clouds developing. temperatures in the mid 50s. winds right now, northwest at 5 and the temperatures did go up. we have low to mid 60s down in the south bay skoox in livermore. we had a high in napa with 64 in santa rosa. we'll be going even warmer as we head throughout tomorrow. the numbers are in the upper 50s. as we head through wednesday's forecast, the warmest day of the week expected and then ahead, we are still looking at some weekend changes we'll tell you about in our seven-day forecast.
6:48 pm
a few showers offshore. not expecting any of that to move in. the clouds are starting to slowly push here off to the north. we may only see a little drizzle in some of this fog. high pressure offshore is really going to give us this brief warming period as we head throughout wednesday. we'll call it mild. temperature will be in the low 70s for the inland spots. mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. then by thursday, a little speed bump. we are forecasting a few showers across the bay area. as for 6:00 a.m., low 40s and cloudy in the east bay. we'll look at mid to upper 40s. not a super cold night. 47 in redwood city. giants right back here on nbc bay area. on friday, back in san francisco. the temperatures will be in the mid 50s. the game will be in arizona where it is expected to be mostly sunny and conditions in the 70s. 6:05 p.m. right here on nbc bay area. the home of the giants.
6:49 pm
all right. your numbers tomorrow? we hit a home run with this one. low 70s. right into san francisco, even getting close to 70 degrees. into concord, 70. pittsburgh, 70 as well. and for the napa valley, 69 tomorrow. and also, plenty of upper 60s to near 70 degrees in the north bay. morning time on the weather channel on cable, your seven-day forecast has, well, quite a nice day tomorrow as we've been talking about. a few showers thursday and by friday, we're dry again. then for sunday morning as we put those clocks ahead two hours, we'll look at a chance of showers. i have to use that thing. spring forward, fall back. it's confusing to me. >> remind us every day because we'll need it through the week. >> i'm going to. i'll be here for you guys. nx good evening. the road trip the warriors are going to want to forget. a chance to possibly get back into the playoffs just
6:50 pm
dissipating after winning one of the first five games, two more left before they return to oakland. tonight in cleveland, running into an old friend. baron davis. monta ellis in his 19 points, something to consider. how to help ellis crank it up in the third quarter where he went off. five of five from beyond the arc and 17 in the third quarter alone. he had 24 points in the went a career high six. a 23-point night giving the warriors a 10-point lead late that they held. 95-85. a speedy game. the warriors win it. tomorrow, wrap up the road trip in new jersey after a world years us rematch with the rangers. last night, the giants right back it a. visiting the mariners in their spring home of peoria. yesterday we saw the mariners taking on the a's and scratching out half a dozen runs. the giants had four themselves last night. today, runners crossing the plate was a bit more rare.
6:51 pm
ryan with another start. again looking solid. five of his 11 outs were strikeouts. and buster posey took them away. miguel tejada. this was the first game of spring that posey did not get a hit. the giants had just four total hits. the mariners, three giving darren ford a lot of trouble. 1-0. the mariners take it. the giants host the white sox tomorrow. we're seeing the starting royal roll. matt kane has been missing with his pitching arm. rest and recuperation has been helpful and now he is set to throw assimilated game tomorrow before hopefully returning to cactus league after that. trev
6:52 pm
trevor. andy laroche continue with a strong spring. 2-twlae a two-run home run. and spring training coverage continues on comcast sports. complete coverage of the world champions giants right until opening day. with a three-point lead at the top of the pacific, the sharks and the head coach get a little time off. todd saying, hey, take a break. since the last game on saturday when they lost to the stars. tonight it is back to work at the tank. hosting nashville. and the predators are in the middle of the pack in the western conference central division. the teams really don't like each other and they fight a lot to show it. the bottom two teams in that division, the blues and blue jackets squaring off last night. we saw a marathon hockey fight. cam janssen with the blues. it lasted four times longer than a normal hockey fight, approaching two minutes of grabbing and pummelling. back when tiki barber was, there
6:53 pm
he decided to focus a career in tv which you'll remember brought him to the "today" show. but an affair and a divorce got him booted. now not just talking about coming out of retirement. he filed the paperwork to get back into the nfl. remember his twin wrote has continued to play. he may join him there. in st. louis they're still fighting. we wanted to talk about tiki but we return you to your regularly scheduled pugilism. trust us, there are no winners with fighting like. this really. they just skated away. no one won. 's part of the fun.s about. >> we're racking them up.
6:54 pm
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coming up tonight at 11:00, do you know your rights when it come to your retirement? one woman thought she was getting a sweet deal but she ended up owing tens of thousands of dollars. we'll show you why and how it could happen to anyone. finally for now, no rain on this parade but they're still crying foul. the macy's thanks this is, the thanksgiving parade is moving one block east.
6:57 pm
they're building a new pedestrian plaza. businesses catering to tens of thousands of spectators along the original parade route. not surprisingly they are upset by the change. they'll lose a lot of business presumably. the two-year project is slated to begin next fall. two more years of this parade along sixth avenue. you figure all the businesses along the old route, they're not happy. but what's the in that side? all the businesses are thrill. >> and that's the way it go. the macy's parade right here on nbc. >> it is always a lot of fun. it won't rain on that parade. >> no, no. the giants coming back to nbc bay area. we're looking at some sunny weather. that game will be played in arizona. a slight chance of showers, the best weather tomorrow, don't miss it. step outside at least once. [ ryan ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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